Whitney Houston Funeral Details: Pop Music Queen Laid to Rest in New Jersey

Whitney Houston Funeral Details: Pop Music Queen Laid to Rest in New Jersey

Whitney Houston’s funeral is held at New Jersey where she was born later this week after the weekend autopsy is complete. The late “Saving all my love for you” singer cum actress’s body was released by the LA County Coroner on 13 February 2012 and is flown back to Newark, New Jersey in the days ahead.

According to multiple sources, the funeral arrangements for the late music icon were set up at Newark’s Whigham Funeral Home – funeral home in Houston’s hometown which also handled the services for her father, John Houston, who passed away in 2003. A source claimed, “Houston’s family raised the possibility of holding a wake Thursday and funeral Friday at Newark’s Prudential Center, an arena that hosts college and professional sport events and seats about 18,000 people”


Pictures of Whitney Houston’s hotel room have been released. The singer ordered a hamburger, fries and turkey sandwich. It also appeared that she drank Heineken and champagne shortly before her death

Another photo shows the leftover turkey sandwich and jalapenos on a tray laying on the bathroom floor which supposed that the singer have planned on eating in the bathroom after her bath

Whitney Houston may be laid to rest next to her father at Westfield cemetery in New Jersey

The Whigham Funeral Home is said to be making all of the arrangements while fans began placing flowers outside the church where she sang as a child

Whitney’s body is being flown from Los Angeles to Whigham Funeral Home in her native Newark, New Jersey, where she will be laid to rest. A source told that “Tyler Perry rushed to the L.A. hospital Saturday as soon as he heard about Whitney Houston’s death, and immediately offered up his private plane to the family”

Blacked out SUV is thought to contain the body of the late singer heading to Perry’s jet

Fans have continued to pay tribute to the much-loved singer, who was found dead on Saturday (11 February 2012). There are no official results about Whitney Houston’s cause of death

Fans place flowers and candles out of Beverly Hills Hilton

A recent report suggests that Whitney could have suffered from a heart attack due to the mixing of drugs and alcohol

Whitney Houston’s death announced on news tickers


Whitney Houston Funeral Details


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